About The Artist

Vanishing Barns #7A native New Yorker, Ms. Warburton currently resides in Rexford, New York. Her association with Caribbean cultures has influenced her work over the years; the colors of emotion, texture and light. “As an artist, my passion is to constantly improve, change, and experiment in my art making. The excitement of being an artist is that you can explore multiple mediums. I work in oils, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media using found objects. I prefer to work on a large scale in oils, creating a “romantic expressionist” composition with layers of color and textures. I often mix solvent with the paint to achieve vertical elements and create color depth, texture and movement.

An Artist/Educator, Ms. Warburton received her Master’s Degree from the State University of NY, Empire State College. During the summer, she teaches drawing and painting to young artists from her studio in Rexford, “Studio 5 Art”. (www.studio5art.com) “To teach young people to think creatively, and to use critical analysis to evaluate art is my primary goal as an Art educator. I would like my students to get as excited about creating Art as I am. Anyone can learn the principles of art, but having the confidence and knowledge to apply them in a unique, innovative and creative way and still maintain the aesthetic integrity of the work is the paramount goal of a teacher, student and artist.”